The Kelcas Code

Code of Conduct

All directors, officers and employees of Kelcas corporations must act ethically at all times and in accordance with the corporate Code of Conduct policy adopted by Kelcas’ Board of Directors. Employees are required to certify that they comply with the Code of Conduct policy on a periodic basis.

Code of Ethics

The Kelcas Code of Ethics fits with the Kelcas Spirit. The Kelcas Spirit’s main elements are:

  1. Two-way loyalty of staff to management and management to staff.
  2. Commitment to quality work and services – going the extra mile.
  3. The valuing of people–the Kelcas family feeling–of appreciating each other’s company beyond the Confines of work.
  4. The building of relationships with investors, associates and suppliers through long-term commitments and face-to-face contacts.

This Code of Ethics reflects these values and acts to preserve them. The Code addresses five core domains:

  1. Kelcas Corporate Ethics
  2. Kelcas staff
  3. Kelcas investors
  4. Kelcas associates
  5. The wider Kelcas community and environment

Kelcas Corporate Ethics

  1. The Kelcas Corporations respects and abides by the laws of the countries in which it operates.
  2. The Kelcas Group respects and supports the cultural practices of the citizens of the states in which it operates, be they staff, customers, suppliers, officials or ordinary members of the public.
  3. The Kelcas Group values highly the diversity of its staff and their willingness and capacity to work together to achieve common goals.
  4. The Kelcas Group provides a work environment free of discrimination and harassment based on age, ancestry, color, marital status, medical condition, mental disability, physical disability (including persons infected with the HIV virus or persons with AIDS), national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Kelcas Staff

  1. Staff at all levels of the Group work together cooperatively in a spirit of trust built on honest communication, fairness, and an equitable distribution of rewards.
  2. Healthy competition and clear communication are valued and supported in all Kelcas Corporations.
  3. Staff members do not seek to gain advantage over each other by devious means such as uttering falsehoods and indulging in malicious gossip.
  4. Staff members respect the property of Kelcas and of their colleagues.
  5. Managers ensure that all staff members are trained appropriately for their jobs and that health and safety standards are given priority in the workplace.
  6. Managers support the honest endeavors of all staff to improve themselves.
  7. Managers recognize that staff members are connected to families and that the well-being of the family has an impact on the ability of a staff member to work effectively.

Kelcas Investors & Partners

  1. Kelcas managers and staff do all within their power to meet the needs of investors and exceed their expectations.
  2. Kelcas managers and staff respect and deal honestly with investors.
  3. Kelcas managers and staff will commit no crime at the behest of customers.
  4. Kelcas managers and staff seek to create long-term, face-to-face relationships with investors whenever possible.

Kelcas Associates & Suppliers

  1. Kelcas values long term relationships with associates & suppliers.
  2. Kelcas values and supports suppliers, who refuse to use bribery or corrupt practices to win Kelcas business.
  3. Kelcas managers are vigorously opposed to Kelcas staff members in positions of responsibility taking bribes or receiving other informal inducements in return for giving business to a Kelcas supplier.

The Kelcas Environment

The Kelcas Group is committed to creating a healthy work environment for all staff. Kelcas corporations are committed over the long term to creating a more sustainable environment through the development of effective recycling and waste management policies and practices.