Our Method

Pursuit of local, accessible reserves

Kelcas land holdings are part of the southernmost portion of the Illinois Basin. Our acreage is primarily located within 75 miles of Henderson Kentucky, spanning four Kentucky Counties including formations directly beneath the Ohio River.

Historically, Kelcas has primarily explored shallow formations at depths of up to 4,000 feet. More than thirty distinct zones or traps have been identified as commercially viable in this range. Implementing more sophisticated exploration techniques (i.e. seismic, DMT, radiometrics, subsurface maps, etc.) have aided in establishing deeper productive zones up to 10,000 feet in total depth.

≈ 12000 acres
HBP (Held By Production)
New drilling locations
< 1 mile deep
Target formations

We live by a code

Our culture fosters high employee performance, a healthy work environment for all team members, loyalty between all parties, and high ethical values. We empower our people, and expect their best performance, with outstanding results.

The Kelcas Code of Conduct and Ethics

Diversified portfolio, poised for growth

In addition to producing wells, we have obtained–at low cost–a number of dormant wells that are economically suitable for rework. Once placed into operation, these properties will yield significant production. But more importantly, they will present exceptional prospects for infield drilling and exploratory targets.

New Well vs Rework: 75% discount

Innovative exploration criteria

Decision by consensus

Over years of exploration, Kelcas has developed a unique method for ascertaining likely productive plays. Numerous geological assessments are performed by experts operating completely independently of one another, utilizing the same survey data. The resulting maps depicting likely reserves are then compared to one another, and the areas with the most overlap become our targets. This anonymity allows our geologists to make their recommendations free of peer bias, and results in the most objective study.

Not only does our method make sense–it is highly effective. Recent discoveries in the area have produced initial production rates in excess of 1,000 barrels per day, with sustained production rates around 400 barrels per day.

> 80% Infield drilling success rate

Constantly improving our understanding

Our process is highly data driven. Years of exploring and producing the Illinois Basin has resulted in a massive amount of information about existing reserves. Our knowledge base is constantly growing as we come to better understand our holdings. Exploratory targets are ranked by likely productivity:

Proven possible: Geological data and public record indicate possibility of oil reserves.
Proven probable: Well logs and drilling offsets suggest likely presence of oil.
Proven producible: Producing wells indicate presence of additional, recoverable oil.

15 million barrels

of Proven Possible reserves

100% Working interest

in undeveloped acreage