An App for Our Investors

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Transparency is critical in the oil business. The people who invest in Kelcas allow our company to exist; we don’t treat their support lightly. We return the good will by developing top-performing assets that pay years of dividends.

See how your investment performs as fast as we do.

To serve our investors, we’ve developed an innovative technology that keeps them up to speed on their performance anytime, and from anywhere in the world. Each property’s production is logged and made immediately available to its stakeholders.

Secure access

Investors have personal accounts where they–and only they–can see what their investment returns.

Production data

Each time oil produced in one of our wells is collected, the batch is logged. Investors immediately see how many barrels are sold.

Revenue calculations

Our oil goes to market according to an index price calculated monthly. Earnings from oil sold is known as soon as the market price is made final, and investors’ accounts reflect net revenues from their investments.

Real-time video monitoring

Investors have access to a live video feed of their properties. They can log on and see their jacks pumping–or being serviced–from anywhere in the world.

News and updates

New projects, upcoming maintenance, and exciting changes within the company are circulated via the Kelcas app. Keep up to date on what’s going on–including new opportunities–with just a couple of taps.