Oil Product Trading

Experience is what we have plenty of

Kelcas has been involved with petroleum trading since the middle of the seventies and has established high quality relationships with supplier¬¬s of petroleum products. We have now started to develop these into real businesses. We are trading, buying and selling petroleum products, with a focus on gasoline and jet fuel to qualified buyers.

Meet Peter

One of Kelcas team members, Peter Ekman, has been purchasing petroleum from Europe and Middle East since mid 1970’s. Peter is actively engaged in developing assets for Kelcas. A partner in Kelcas, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his 30+ year career as an international crude oil purchaser. With a Masters of Science from the Royal Academy of Technology in Stockholm, Peter went on to acquire over 320,000 barrels per day in crude supply as feedstock mix to the two major refineries in Scandinavia, where he spent the majority of his career.

Our experience, your profit

The Kelcas team packs over 100 years of combined experience in geophysics, land management, exploration and production of crude oil.

Thanks to excellent track records and unique relationships with strong producers Kelcas is supporting the present strong market demand of energy with diesel and aviation fuels. As our current partners know, we always work with long term relationships rather than short term profits. Our experience ensures operational efficiency and profitability.

Our strengths

  • Solid and long-term relationships with our partners and customers.
  • Direct access to the best opportunities, always a step ahead.
  • Unique communications network

Our Customers, our Partners

The keystone to our philosophy is to treat our customers as our partners. By establishing close working relationships we reach common goals. Additionally, by providing tailor-made solutions to match their needs we help our partners to grow their businesses, reducing risk and providing access to the lowest prices in international markets of petroleum products. We constantly strive to meet and exceed our partners expectations, in every way possible.

Kelcas is an authorized reseller for important petroleum providers. As brokers, facilitators and traders, we expect you to do proper due diligence before forwarding any document or inquiry to our company.