Kelcas expands distribution of petroleum products to qualified clients

Kelcas has been involved with petroleum trading since the end of the eighties and has established quality relationships with good suppliers of petroleum products. We develop these into real businesses. We are now trading petroleum products, with a focus on diesel and jet kerosene to qualified buyers. Read More

Oil demand reaching record high levels

Global oil demand is expected to return to pre-coronavirus levels in 2022 with a pickup in transportation and recovery in major economies, Goldman Sachs said in a report on Thursday. (Author, 2020)

Clear skies ahead!

Kelcas is actively futureproofing against scam attacks and tackling fraud after successfully filing an Undertaking with TSSB in Texas.

Based upon the TSSB’s finding, HOK Lam and his affiliate entities had NO prior relationship with Kelcas and were not authorized by Kelcas to solicit US residents to invest in Kelcas oil exploration projects. Our working interests in the New Harmony Project are and were permitted to be offered to non-US residents only as decided by Kelcas. This requires no prior registration in the US according to US securities laws. As such, there was simply NO basis to issue an Emergency Order, which effectively shuttered Kelcas’ operations. TSSB has issued a 100% dismissal. Kelcas is 100% clear to proceed as usual since 1988.

Kelcas considers expanding into Colorado

Kelcas had bid on the Minerals & Royalty interest of a field located in north of Denver. This field is already producing from 2400 wells and another 235 wells on 8390 acres are ready for completion. The reserves are estimated to 15MM BO. We will keep you updated on this profitable occasion.