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Due diligence

Kelcas Corporation has an exhaustive due diligence process in place. From this, we expect the same from all brokers and facilitators who wish to work with our platform. Brokers who are not in direct contact to either the end buyers or the end sellers should refrain from taking contact.

Exchange of company details

At Kelcas we avoid working with long chains of brokers. When a broker approaches Kelcas, he/she should be in direct contact with his/her principal (end buyer or end seller), without exception. Additionally, he/she must be willing to share detailed information about his/her company: e.g., website, corporate profile, registered office address and working office phone numbers., etc. Therefore corporate emails are preferred and sharing corporate presentations is appreciated. Please note: Most emails from public domain servers will not be purged.


Kelcas only utilize the genuine ICC publication 769 E (ICC Model Contract). It can be purchased via our services or

Any other NCNDA will not apply.

Please read the official warning from ICC here:


  • We prioritise buyers that are end buyers and using their own funds without the need of triggers like SGS, etc.
  • Immediate payment after the Dip Test will result in a quick product release.
  • FoB: additional information can be found here.
  • LOI: This is not a commitment and takes longer to process.
  • FCO: These are given on special request.
  • ICPO:
    • These must be complete.
    • One per destination.
    • Only 12 month contracts. Spot deals do not apply.
    • No “milk train” delivery.
  • No companies formed 2020 or later are accepted.
  • Requested
    • Full bank info.
    • Passport of principal.
    • Company registration.
  • CIF:
    • is offered to ASWP.
    • One DLC per destination.
    • Some ports have max vessel limits. 
    • Extra costs could apply.
    • POF might be requested.
    • RWA is preferred.
  • TDLC’s are allowed.
  • An BCL has to be signed by two bank officers. 
  • MT799 (Swift)
  • BPU: Bank Payment Undertaking.
  • Payments: MT103 (Swift) to Sellers account.
  • Instruments: DLC or SBLC from bank approved by Seller.