Federico “Fred” Marques Chief Technology & Strategy Officer

Mr. Marques is the Chief Technology Officer of Kelcas Corporation. He left LANXESS Corporation in 2007 having been their NAFTA Head of Quality from 2005-2007. Prior to that, he served as NAFTA Head of Quality & Management Systems for Bayer Corporation from 2001-2005. In 2009, Mr. Marques conceived of and co-founded Ruggles Green restaurant group in Houston, Texas. In 2017, he sold Ruggles Green to a Private Equity firm who intends to build the brand across the United States.

Mr. Marques is a native Houstonian and a Graduate of University of Houston CL (Cum Laude – BA in Humanities 1992). He began his career as a summer intern with Bayer Corporation and quickly moved through the ranks to become NAFTA Head of Quality. During his Bayer career, he received multiple innovation awards and accolades. His team won the NAFTA Energy award for energy reduction (36%) in a large manufacturing facility. Mr. Marques was featured in several magazines and newspapers for innovative designs with closed loop wastewater recycling systems and the only “greenhouse” to be built in a chemical plant. Mr. Marques moved to LANXESS Corporation (Bayer Spinoff) in 2005 where he served as NAFTA Head of Quality & Management until 2007. In 2007, Mr. Marques left to found IC Potential USA, a start up focused on diagnostic tools for organizational management and resource allocation. This start up was put on hold in 2009 due to the US recession.

Mr. Marques holds several patents for chemistry and bio-regenerative air purification. He has patents pending for integrated bio-regenerative systems for indoor air quality and related sensor technology. Mr. Marques is the Founder of Living Systems, Inc., a company developing portable botanical air purification systems based on NASA research. Mr. Marques was featured in 1992 Spin Off Magazine from NASA. Mr. Marques has had numerous public speaking engagements related to energy efficiency and “Living Machine” technologies. In 2008, Mr. Marques conceived of and co-founded Ruggles Green – Houston’s First Certified Green Restaurant and the only 4-Star certified green restaurants in Texas. Ruggles Green, certified by the non-profit Green Restaurant Association, has 5 locations in operation and will expand nationally in the US. Mr. Marques is affectionately known as “The Green Guy” as he frequently speaks about emerging green technologies. Mr. Marques has just sold his 5 award winning green restaurants in Houston and is now pursuing Vertical Farming inside the city of Houston.