Kelcas Corporation was founded 1988 in the State of Kentucky and is also active in Indiana and Illinois, where oil has been produced since 1896.
The company is under expansion and is seeking additional sales agents. Our current agents in Scandinavia work on commission and make between $60,000 and $120,000 annually.

Kelcas Corporation has delivered and continues to deliver, stable and high returns for investors.
We NEVER use the investor’s capital to go find areas with oil. We do our own exploration and testing before any Investor capital is used.
Investors can make their own decisions when we know and present expected oil production volumes and relevant data like depletion, reserves, ROI, etc.
Investors get access an informative back-office with relevant development information, oil production, ownership stake, oil prices, oil sold etc.
We currently have investors who work for many well-known oil companies.

We look for sales agents who can assist in finding new investors. It is an advantage if you have relevant background and/or common knowledge in finance. We look for self-propelled sales agents who can take initiative and understands the sales process including modern CRM.
Accepted agents will be offered attractive commission-models, good training and part ownership in long term oil production.