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Executive Summary

Kelcas has delivered and continues to deliver, stable and high returns for investors since 1989. We NEVER use the investor’s capital to go find areas with oil. We do our own exploration and testing before any Investor capital is used. Investors can make their own decisions when we know and present expected oil production volumes and relevant data like depletion, reserves, ROI, etc. Investors get access an informative back-office with relevant development information, oil production, ownership stake, oil prices, oil sold etc. We currently have investors who work for many well-known oil companies.

Kelcas proudly offers for the International market a business opportunity in collaboration with Campbell Energy LCC, the #1 oil producer in Illinois Basin.
New Harmony Field is an unique investment opportunity with some key advantages;
– The area has a long history of producing oil and we have a geological survey that shows an oil reserve of about 20-25 million barrels.
– Due to the very strong infrastructure with pipeline direct to the refinery; Kelcas offers a very low start up time from investment to cash flow direct to your bank account.
– Return per well is approximately 80% of the first production year with today’s oil prices.
– The payback is therefore about one year and the ROI is more then 25% per year – see more in the complete offer, page 20-22.
– The operations of the wells is 100% transparent for the investor with real time monitor, an exclusive APP for each investor that informs the flow of oil that the investor owns and preliminary the next monthly payment [due the oil price, WTI].

Kelcas offers low risk investments and a monthly cash flow – see Kelcas Investment – from producing oil wells. Operational costs are deducted from our cash flow estimates without any extra costs. Minimum 10% interest per year of the invested amount. The Working Interest [WI] part is paid out after deduction of  30% Royalty Interest, e.g. mainly to the mineral and land owners. Kelcas and Campbell are participating equally and are part of the WI as all other investors i.e. sharing any costs due to the operation of drilling and maintaining the well.

Sales Representative;
Anders Johnsson
Phone:  ‭+46-760-44 38 06

Ass. Sales representative:
Ellie Theodorou
Phone: +357-96-611668

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